by Beulah Neveu


About the Book
Bracie wants more from life. Even though her family and friends surround her with love, Bracie is still lonely. She longs to have a relationship with a good man. Her desire to fill that void leaves Bracie vulnerable to the one thing she has not learned to control - PASSION. Her family teases her about her infatuation with a well-known movie director, only to find out that he might be the man for her. Her quiet strength is put to the test when jealousy and greed threaten her happiness. 

Tyler longs for a real relationship with a real woman, and Bracie fits the bill. Will their relationship be able to weather the storms of Hollywood when she is of such strong faith, and he is still searching?

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Dark Magnolias

by Janice Dupre'


About the Book

What do you say to a sweet, precious girl when her fate has been  determined and her destiny leads down a cold, dark path?

Dark Magnolias is a romance story filled with intrigue, mystery, and surprises.  It is about a young girl from a Southern Louisiana plantation and the life and love she finds in New Orleans.


Georgiana stood by the bedroom window -- facing the door --     waiting.  She had seen the look on Anaise’s face, when she was standing on the front lawn.  Her spirit sensed it might have something to do with the piercing cry she heard in the night.  She guessed that the bedroom door would be opening soon, so she waited. 

With barely a sound, the door crept open and Georgiana was looking into the sad eyes of her wounded friend.   Anaise quietly closed the door and stood motionless.  It had taken everything within her to journey as far as she did.  As Anaise began to tremble, Georgiana hurried to her and held her in her arms.

“It’s alright, sweet child,” she whispered.  “You are with Auntie Gee.  You are safe now.”

How do you begin to tell someone that in less than a day your entire world has fallen apart? How do you put into words the anguish that flows through every vein in your body? How can you utter a sound when there is no breath left in you and no hope that life will ever be worth living?

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Creating a New Economy

by Robert Thomas


About the Book
If you continue to do the same thing you are doing now for the next 5 years, will you be able to send your children and grandchildren to college?           

How much time do you have to prepare for your future?

Did you know that although our judicial system is the best in the world, it is still a business, funded solely by your tax dollars?

The quality of your education, life, and where you live depends upon you, and only you have the power to change it. This book is designed to remove barriers which may be hindering you from closing the gap. Information has always been the greatest commodity on the face of the earth. That is what this book delivers. Creating a New Economy will deliver vital information concerning how the economy works and how to personally thrive in it through an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Living With No Regrets

by Annetra Wagner Piper


About the Book
Cherrelle Elliot has been betrayed by both family and friends. On the day of her wedding, her fiancé jilts her at the altar and marries her first cousin. She is devastated to find that her family members have accepted the relationship without regard to her feelings when she sees her ex-fiancé, cousin, and their new child being admired at the family reunion. Her grief and embarrassment cause her to leave her home city of New Orleans and move to Houston.

After years away from New Orleans, Cherrelle's grandmother asks her to chair the family reunion committee, but she refuses. Reassigned to New Orleans to work on a new project for her company, she is forced to take a matured look at her family, and Cherrelle realizes that some things have changed. Her grandmother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, her sister is being abused by her husband, and her father is missing to name a few. The only things that make life in New Orleans bearable are the foods that remind her of the love of her family and an unexpected reunion with Cory, a childhood friend she secretly had a crush on.

Her grandmother's disease forces Cherrelle to take over the family reunion, but plans are interrupted when Hurricane Katrina roars through, causing havoc for the family as members are separated from one another.

Living With No Regrets is a story of how Cherrelle and her family deal with betrayal, forgiveness, family, love, reunion planning, Alzheimer's, and spousal abuse.  Recipes to the meals that routinely bring the family together are included.

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